Inspired by the poem “Locomotive” by Julian Tuwim and by Watty Piper’s brave little locomotive in “The Little Engine that Could”, The Choo Choo Project believes in dance, warmth, furry things, fairies, song, make-believe, laughing and a shared sense of connection. We figure if we work as hard as we dream, we can get to the top of any old mountain together.


Choo Choo Train Project is a progressive preschool for children of two to five years of age - a beloved and enchanted place full of energy, love, growing minds, enriched learning and amazing experiences.


With gentle nurturing, inventive play, creative coaxing and true respect for the individual, The Choo Choo Project has created nothing short of a movement that supports individual expression and personal growth.

What started as one person’s dream in 2007 has turned into a project of much greater scale. To date it’s turned out over 185 members of this tight little Choo Choo tribe; a tribe made up of fearless, independent-minded, generous, connected, creative thinkers and makers - each armed with their own distinct personality and a deep-seated belief in self.